Be Captain! China Cup 2015

We started our sailing team -大山帆船队 / dàshān fānchuán duì / Big Mountain Sailing Team – when I arrived in China in October 2014. The team was new, unexperienced but very motivated and ambitious. A good foundation to start some dream – Participate at the China Cup! We got to work, putting the dream to reality. Theory, training and participating on various regattas over the season. Hard work sometimes. Sailing in Qingdao in a snowstorm (!) last Christmas. In August a Typhon hit Shanghai when we had a race at a nearby lake. We created a good teamwork, with everybody growing more confidence on his jobs.

Early this year we applied for the China Cup. As we had no track record or such, there was little hope to get accepted. We put all in, put my name, send lots of documents, had calls and talks. In Mid September – we got a boat!!! A dream comes true. Participating at the top China sailing event in ShenZhen with 110 boats and the best teams from all over the world. Yes, we are part of it.
China Cup: “Approved by the General Administration of Sport of China, the regatta is held annually and each year it attracts over 100 boats with 1000 sailors from more than 33 nationalities to compete in the event, gaining wide attention from sailing community and international media.”

Hell. This is a huge, international regatta with top players from the Olympics, Americas Cup, Marine Schools … and us! The大山帆船队/ Big Mountain Sailing Team, Skipper: Dirk Geiger, GER. WoW!

Business leaves not much time for other things, especially in the dynamic china automotive market. For the China Cup, the team already meats on Thursday, 29th Oct, to prepare the boat, registration, etc. Friday some test sailing. Saturday: Race Time. In morning we meet up at the dock, ready go for racing in the south china sea. Warm water, but also strong winds of some 20+ knots and high waves ahead. Day 1 left some room for improvement. Day 2 was very strong wind and we broke the Spinnaker Pole after the first round. Still, on Day 2 we improved our ranking to 7th place, even without full sail coverage. Day 3 I had to be back in Shnaghai, the team race themselves, which was a little more difficult, even got a penalty. No harm done and all full of fun!

Class Results Class FAREAST 28R/统一设计组珐伊28R Class
Race # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Ranking 7 10 8 7 6 7 DSQ 9

Final Ranking: 8 (CHN20065, 大山帆船队Big Mountain Sailing Team, Dirk Geiger, GER)

Within one year, with a new team from beginner to competitor! As Jack Ma says: “As long as you don’t give up …” ;-) Keep on racing!

Some additional Information:
9th CHINA CUP INTERNATIONAL REGATTA“, 30.10-2.11.2105, Daya Bay Shenzhen, China

ChinaCup2015 – Impressions
ChinaCup2015 – Impressions 2

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